Building High Performance Homes

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Residential geothermal heating and cooling systems are more common as the technology in this field expands and becomes more cost effective. Geothermal is actually the oldest way to heat and cool your home. This technology uses the cooler temperatures naturally found 300/400 feet below the surface to create consistent comfortable air for your home. These systems function just like conventional HVAC systems using wall mounted thermostats but can use up to    50% less energy. 

Structural Insulated Panels SIPs

There is no better way to achieve a tight building envelope than using SIPs on the exterior walls and roof of your project.  Follow the link below to learn more about SIPs from the SIPA website.

What are SIPs?

High Performance House

 A high performance house is a much more accurate, measurable, and definable term than “Energy Efficient.”  A high performance house is a house that uses a heating and cooling system to its upmost efficiency. This means, keeping the warm air indoors during Winter and cool air indoors during Summer.   While at the same time ensuring controlled fresh air ventilation.  We strive to produce a very high performance house on every project using Blower Door Tests.

Blower Door Test Video

Solar Energy/PV

 There are many ways to use solar energy in residential building, whether you install solar panels on the roof or use a solar array on the ground they are both very effective in reducing your energy bills.  All local power companies assist us in "net metering" which is offsetting your electric bill with the energy you collect.  We are currently working with Sigora Solar in Summerduck, VA

more about Sigora Solar

Sustainable Building Practices

The actions while building a home can make as much difference as the materials and technologies used to construct it.  We use these BEST practices during construction:

  • Controlling Job Site Waste
  • Single Stream Waste Management Centers
  • Engineered Building Materials
  • Buying & Hiring Local
  • Combining Deliveries

Net Zero

 This a commonly used term associated with a home that produces more electricity than it uses.  In practice this can only be achieved with the use of solar or wind technology and must be combined with a tight building envelope and efficient HVAC.  T&M Contracting has built Net Zero in the VA Piedmont area and has the knowledge and expertise to make your project Net Zero.

Residential Building Projects

Net Zero Home in Flint Hill, VA


This home has been featured by Rappahannock Electric Cooperative for its net metering, using solar panels and passive solar elements.  It is both beautiful to look at and has beautiful views from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

More photos of Flint HIll

Custom Arts & Crafts Home in Stafford, VA


This home packs a large amount of storage and space in a relatively small footprint due to its extraordinary design.  Local architect James H. Hricko designed this home exclusively for T&M Contracting in 2007.  This home utilizes composite building materials, energy efficient widows, large overhangs and lot placement to maximize it's energy efficiency.

More photos of stafford

Age in Place Home in Jeffersonton, VA


This Earth Craft "Gold" certified Age in Place home was built by a retirement age couple.  They used geothermal, SIPs, composite materials and design to achieve their virtually maintenance free and Accessible home.

photos of jeffersonton

SIPs and Solar Home in Summerduck, VA

This contemporary home was built with energy efficiency and low maintenance in mind.

This Gold Certified nearly net-zero home is enjoying the benefits of renewable energy while keeping its curb-appeal.  The home is situated on the lot so all the solar panels are at work on the back of the roof.

Photos of Summerduck

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